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About Us

The SPX Logical was established in 2003 by a group of engineers and computer scientists to meet the automation needs of the world of government (central and local) and private companies, through the design and implementation of information systems and administrative management based on Web Based Platform.

Since its foundation to date, this goal has been pursued with the utmost professionalism and customer satisfaction, having started from the beginning the policy of use and development of solutions with open-source products. In particular, the company specializes in platform LAMP "Linux Apache MySQL PHP", that is, the server-side technology based on the Linux operating system, the Apache http server, MySQL database and PHP as the programming language.

The SPX Logical is able to implement any project in environment Internet / Intranet, starting from feasibility studies and going through all the stages: planning, implementation of planned activities, development and installation of applications, training, testing, documentation and project maintenance of the same.

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Using evolved tools design (CASE Computer Aid Software Engineering), analysis (UML 1.x, 2.x, DFD, Physical & Logical Design) and standard methods of documentation, as well as the extensive experience in object-oriented programming with suitable programming languages, they have allowed the firm a continuous increase in the efficiency of realization of complex projects, with a significant increase in the trend of quality and reliability of the final product required.

From the beginning of his activities the SPX Logical has undertaken the way of open source solutions, polica this allows us to be highly competitive with market prices The wide application of the LAMP platform has allowed the extension to the world of WEB whole procedure application made by SPX Logical for:

  • Develop web sites and applications using the most popular CMS on the market, such as Joomla and Drupal, allowing the user to associate the most 'important types of electronic documents, images or graphic objects or media video to Entities' cataloged in special WEB repository, enabling search, navigation and consulting the same, using simple functions End User usable with the most common browsers.
  • Structuring in the database, query and print through the most advanced multimedia and web-based interface directly from the browser of the most 'common image acquisition devices (Scanner, Web-Cam, electronic cameras, etc. etc.).

The installation of the Web Server, their configuration in cluster mode, the safety related company policies, installation and configuration of Proxy and Firewall, by e-mail server, the communication between electronic systems based on microtrollori and computers or computer networks, complete the picture of the skills and experience gained by the specialists of the SPX Logical, in an industry where more and more require a high technological specialization and continuous updating.

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