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Photovoltaic Systems Storage

The final abandonment of incentive mechanisms based on the remuneration of photovoltaic energy produced, has created a new horizon in the use of energy produced by a photovoltaic system: maximizing their own consumption, or the massive use of energy produced. And therefore 'once again it became extremely topical' using fovotovoltaici systems that interact with storage systems based on batteries, evolving the classic configuration of systems in Isola (ie those photovoltaic systems whose production and 'destined to consumers not served by electricity Network), the Plant Hybrids (ie those where the use of photovoltaic systems with electrical storage batteries allows to accumulate the energy not self-consumed in the time of production).


The SPXLogical strong extensive experience in monitoring systems for large medium and small photovoltaic systems (even those for domestic use), developed in partnership with a leading home building inverter, a device that can very well achieve this objective, ie reducing the amount 'of energy exchanged or sold to the public grid. The achievement of these objectives through the adoption of appropriate energy storage systems and intelligent management of electrical loads made possible the user through the use and learning of their energy habits, checking and consulting the data collected and processed by the sophisticated system of monitoring product from SPXLogical.

It 'should be noted, by observing the schematic diagram of the energy storage system proposed by SPX Logical, that all components of the system (with the obvious exclusion of photovoltaic modules), are integrated in the elegant inverter racks. Storage consists of electric batteries, depending on the power of the same and the power inverter, can 'find colocation directly into the case of the inverter, or with a separately ventilated houses and sectioned inverter for normal operations and maintenance occurs.

The system proposed by SPX Logical Storage Electric in combination with our unique system of monitoring of both the PV production that consumption (mode 'H24), is an innovative integrated system, which allows you to store electrical energy produced by your system PV in an optimized manner according to the ability 'of accumulate and of consumption dimensioned for the user, and then use it at any time of the day 24/24 hours, also in case of lack of public electricity network.




The System Storage Electric and 'was inserted in the context of the project GCE Management of the Energy Control, a project for which the SPX Logical has invested considerable resources in technology and functionality ', to get to offer the customer a range of energy services which in addition to optimize production and its consumption or consumption, allowing all 'User to make accurate analysis of his habits with the specific purposes' to achieve energy savings at zero cost in terms of functional (ie without introducing additional technology but simply changing some wrong habits).

This important combination of technology, and now GREATLY reduced the cost of their electricity bill, recovering in a short time the cost of the System Storage Electric SPX, which thanks to the modified legislation on incentives for renewables, is also tax-deductible 50% .


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