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Energy Management Control

This' guiding the Ns. operated, is an ongoing commitment to innovation, improvement and efficentamento, in a logic of timely and appropriate implementation of the industrial and production. We firmly believe that "efficiency gain" also means efficiently managing both innovation and tradition.

The SPX Logical joined during the first months of 2011 the project SOLE (System Objectives and Leverage for Efficiency) in collaboration with the Environmental Sciences Research Centre of the university 'European Roma presenting itself as a developer of a particular application software integrated, precisely the project GCE Energy Management Control, developed for monitoring and controlling the production of medium and large photovoltaic systems integrated with data collected from weather stations professional LSI Lastem Srl.

Convegno GCE Università


The Project G.C: E. Energy management control has been entirely developed by SPX with Logical CMS DRUPAL on LAMP.




The platform wants to become a benchmark in efficiency in the management of renewable energy plants and modular application will allow the management in an innovative and efficient for both traditional technologies applied, increasing their performance, which manage new technologies proposed by SPXLogical .


We specify that the Ns. work does not consist merely in the simple sale of an application sw, but an "intelligent" system of remote monitoring and management processes; turnkey service that we jointly support and interface customization.


The system can be used both for traditional photovoltaic systems of small, medium and large where the application for the reasons detailed and technical innovations then, is to increase the efficiency and tight management of the system, but the real innovation of the GC: E. Energy management and control 'to provide a domestic user, a professional or business context moltro precise patterns of consumption. This monitoring can 'be done either on the main square on that side (and' planned management of an unlimited number of pitches), so that you can always rebuild, as part of the overall energy consumption, the exact breakdown the same for each user is monitored. The management of particular instruments warning (such as SMS or E-Mail) make it even more 'efficient and effective control work of maintenance teams, which can act quickly when the system indicates an alarm.


PDF brochure system G.C.E. Large Account

PDF brochure system G.C.E. Small system


Projects G.C.E. Energy management control, can 'be requested by the customer even in the formula "turnkey"; our specialists will take care of the analysis of existing problems, the preparation of the technical specifications of the equipment to build / customize / set in relation to the objectives that will be assigned, the installation of the same and the customization interface in relation to the needs of the customer.

The vast experience gained by the technicians of the SPXLogical construction and programming of the firmware of the control devices and monitoring, make the GCE Energy management control, particularly versatile to be easily adapted to all the requirements of energy monitoring.



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