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Monitoring Systems

Most of photovoltaic systems, especially of small size, have not been accompanied by proper monitoring systems for other essential not only to control the operating parameters (detection of possible anomalies) but also to give the user the possibility to better understand (and thus leverage appropriately) the values ​​of production, consumption and feed-in of the photovoltaic system.

However, almost all of the monitoring systems present on the market, are confined to control the production of photovoltaic energy, omitting to analyze the most 'important of the factors that make particularly effective use of such energy: CONSUMPTION


Do not know the daily performance of their consumption, how much is the average hourly consumption over 24 hours and are distributed primarily as consumption in the various time slots and on average are achieved when the peak values ​​for each time slot, are some of the many questions to which the user (home or business) can not be answered.



The system we propose, through a special unit created by the technicians of SPXLogical and connected to the "non-invasive sensors" can be easily installed without having to do any operation on the electrical wiring, analyzes of the photovoltaic power produced in BC, compares it with the electrical loads instantly taken from the house with the photovoltaic production and consumption by automatically determining the amount 'of energy fed into the grid.

                              PDF brochure system G.C.E. Small system

The monitoring system proposed and implemented by SPX Logical, has a fully automatic operation: in the absence of connection to the web portal on the website www.spxlogical.com, the system stores within it on a dedicated SD (Secure Disk) all data telemetry detected by the sensors for sending them to the portal automatically the first time that the connection is re-established. The Date and Time of the system is automatically managed by the apparatus without the user having to intervene and maintained for years thanks to a small buffer battery. In any case the first connection to the web portal the date and time is always synchronized to secure suitability information.I

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